The Concept
Continuing the tradition of deep knowledge & high-quality work, a country specific desk in a law firm is the indicator of the degree of specialization & experience that a firm has in a particular jurisdiction. The concept of India Desk is an effort at our end to create that expertise and resources locally within your firm with the benefits of technology available to all of us.
As your close associates we can through the India Desk bring deep & high quality expertise of doing business in India & access to Indian laws, seamlessly & virtually in a manner that you are involving a colleague from within your firm when educating, pitching or servicing your clients in your country. Our Virtual India Desk team of specialized corporate, tax & commercial lawyers is dedicated to help your firm in assisting your clients’ investment and development projects in India.
What do we offer?
  • Regular Indian Law Updates: Our team will provide periodic updates on Indian investment laws and opportunities which you can share with your client network (if suitable) under your own branding.
  • Client Pitch & Queries: We will answer any queries on India investment & Indian Law raised by your team or clients within 24 working hours. Support your firm in pitching to new clients for legal work related to India.
  • Virtual Meeting: If required our attorney would participate along with your team as your India partner in Video / Audio calls with your clients on Indian Law & investment matters.
Key Benefits:
Benefit from an India desk with extensive experience advising local and foreign businesses and corporations on their investments in India.
  • Receive latest developments that are well researched & relevant in the India economy. These updates can be circulated to your clients & prospects to improve your branding & quality perception related to advisory connected with India.
  • Get answer to queries raised by clients & prospects in real time.
  • Zero additional cost
  • High quality Legal & Support Services from a well rated & multiple awards winning law firm spread all over India.
  • Specialized dedicated team of Lawyers to help you win new clients for India related matter
  • Access to investment or M&A opportunities for your clients in India
  • Assistance in 69+ cities in India
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