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The UK continues to be one of the most attractive locations for organizations who are looking to expand their horizons internationally due to its strong and welcoming business environment to foreign investors. Relatively low corporate tax rates and flexible employment laws make UK a highly competitive market for business. Its position both in terms of geography and business culture, puts UK at the forefront of a diverse collection of markets and the transparent and diversified economy of the country offer significant opportunities for Indian companies to access sizeable domestic market as well as to use it as a gateway to Europe.

Commercial Relations between India-United Kingdom

  • OWOSOG: The UK and India launched the Green Grids Initiative at COP26 to improve global power grid connectivity for sustainable energy systems, gaining support from 80 countries.
  • Trade and Investment Initiatives: PM Modi and PM Johnson announced initiatives worth $1.39 billion, creating 6,500 jobs in the UK, attracting $644 million Indian investments, and securing export deals worth $539 million for UK businesses.
  • UK Companies in India: Around 79% of UK companies in India are subsidiaries, while 21% engage through joint ventures. Nearly 49% of UK companies export, with 56% in manufacturing and 44% in services.
  • Comprehensive Partnership: During the 15th JETCO meeting, PMs of UK and India pledged to establish a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, launched the Enhanced Trade Partnership, and initiated negotiations for an India-UK Free Trade Agreement.

Business Advantages for Indian Companies in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers favourable business conditions and high levels of development, ranking 8th in the ease of doing business index and 13th in the Human Development Index. Incentives like tax deductions for research and development and capital allowances support foreign direct investment. With around 660,000 new companies registered annually, the UK provides a strong regulatory environment with efficient contract enforcement and insolvency resolution. The country has secured trade negotiations with 66 countries and the EU, resulting in substantial trade. With over 30 million highly skilled workers and competitive labour costs, the UK offers a skilled workforce. Enterprise zones provide benefits, and the taxation system is straightforward with a fixed corporate tax rate and double taxation treaties. London excels as a financial centre and digital hub, attracting significant investments in technology, software development, and AI.

Incentives and Support Programs by United Kingdom for Indian Companies

The United Kingdom offers several incentives and support programs for Indian companies looking to establish a presence or expand their operations in the country.

  • DIT: The Department for International Trade offers support and guidance to Indian companies interested in investing in the UK.
  • UK-India Fast Track Scheme: Expedited visa processing for Indian businesses and professionals establishing a presence in the UK.
  • Enterprise Zones: Designated areas with incentives like reduced business rates and simplified planning regulations to attract businesses.
  • R&D Tax Credits: Tax relief for Indian companies investing in R&D activities in the UK.
  • Innovate UK: Funding and support for innovative Indian businesses in the UK.
  • Tech Nation Visa Scheme: Fast-track visa processing for Indian tech entrepreneurs and professionals in the UK.
  • Start-up and Scale-up Visas: Visa routes for Indian entrepreneurs and innovators starting or scaling businesses in the UK.
  • UKIBC: Membership organization assisting Indian companies in navigating the UK market.
  • Export Support: Programs to help Indian companies expand exports to the UK and international markets.
  • Financial Incentives: Tax breaks, grants, and loans to attract Indian investment in key sectors.
  • Sector-specific Initiatives: Support initiatives in technology, clean energy, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.
  • KTPs: Collaborative partnerships with UK universities and research organizations for knowledge transfer and innovation.
  • Business Support Networks: Chambers of commerce, trade associations, and industry clusters providing connections and resources for Indian companies in the UK.

Starting a Business in United Kingdom

The UK is a major business hub with a large consumer market, favourable government policies, and competitive tax rates. Consider market size, competition, and strategic location when starting a business in the UK. The following steps describe the broad procedure of setting up a business in UK-

  • Choosing a Business Structure
  • Incorporating your Business
  • Opening a Business Bank Account
  • Registering for Taxation

Visa and Immigration

United Kingdom offers a variety of visas, depending upon the nature and duration of the stay in the country. The following visas are granted to those who wish to conduct business activities in the United Kingdom:

  • UK Innovator Visa
  • UK Start-up Visa

In conclusion, the United Kingdom offers a favourable environment for market entry, despite challenges posed by Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. With its large and highly developed consumer market, strategic location, ease of doing business, and competitive tax rates, the UK remains an attractive destination for businesses.

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How do We Help?

At India Law Offices (ILO), we strive to deliver exceptional legal services to our clients not just within India, but on a global scale. Over the past two decades, we have diligently expanded our presence by establishing strong partnerships, both formal and informal, with esteemed professionals from leading law firms in key commercial hubs worldwide. These alliances have empowered us to offer efficient and seamless representation of the utmost quality in any jurisdiction. Through our extensive network, we are able to cater to the diverse needs of our clients and ensure that they receive top-notch legal assistance across borders.

With a host of global affiliations with some of the largest law firms and legal networks, India Law Offices makes business possible worldwide for its clients. We provide comprehensive support to companies from the UK seeking to enter the Indian market. Our services encompass various aspects such as establishing subsidiaries or branches, navigating commercial contracts, and addressing any legal requirements. Additionally, we extend our expertise to Indian companies aiming to expand their operations in UK, offering corporate assistance and legal support tailored to their specific needs. In collaboration with our UK counterparts, we are well-equipped to provide guidance on cross-border transactions between India and UK, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, and other related activities. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of Indo-UK business collaborations and achieve their desired outcomes. Our expertise extends to a wide range of areas, ensuring comprehensive assistance in various aspects such as:

  • Corporate and M&A
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Business and Civil Litigation
  • Immigration
  • Labour & Employment
  • Real Estate
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Family Law and Inheritance

Our Partner in the United Kingdom

We maintain a close working relationship with Ebl Miller Rosenfalck, a reputable law firm based in London, United Kingdom. Since its establishment, Ebl Miller Rosenfalck has been providing comprehensive legal support to both companies and individuals from UK, as well as international clients seeking to enter the UK market. Their areas of specialisation encompass inward and outward investments, commercial contracts, merger and acquisitions, dispute resolution, intellectual property and employment law. India Law Offices and Ebl Miller Rosenfalck have formed a collaborative partnership to facilitate legal services between India and the United Kingdom. This collaboration is made possible due to their shared membership in the prestigious Warwick Legal Network, which comprises independent commercial and business law firms.

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