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Will is a legal document which is prepared during the lifetime of the person (known as a Testator) but comes into existence after his demise. A Will declares the testator’s last wishes regarding distribution of his assets and possessions after his demise. A Will should be made by the testator in sound disposing mind and without any coercion or undue influence from any person.

How We May Assist You

India Law Offices provides a two-fold assistance with respect to Wills, which includes-

  1. Drafting of a Will
  2. Registration of a Will


Drafting of a Will

India Law Offices offers professional expertise with respect to drafting of Wills. With wide exposure of Inheritance and Estate Planning, ILO has a team of experienced and skilled professionals possessing the requisite know-how to draft a flawless will, leaving no lacunae. Since drafting of a Will is very personal to the client, we collect the required details from the Testator i.e the person executing a Will regarding his assets and the manner in which he wants to bequeath it amongst his heirs and beneficiaries. The said information is treated as confidential and shared only on “need to know” basis with the team in strictest confidence. Once we have the required information, we put it in place as efficiently as possible which exactly depicts our clients’ wishes.

Registration of a Will

Although the registration of a Will is not mandatory by law, however getting the same registered increases its genuineness and authenticity as compared to a Will which is unregistered. India Law Offices assists in the entire procedure of getting the Will registered for our clients across the country. A prior appointment is taken at the office of the sub registrar by payment of the requisite fee. On the date of appointment, our team assists the clients by getting the Will registered at the concerned authorities, without any hassle and long waiting hours. The testator along with (2) two witnesses must be physically present at the office of the sub registrar. It is usually advised that the witnesses should be someone who is known to the Testator, who is able to verify about the mental health of the Testator.  

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