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Inventors, designers, developers and authors can protect the ideas they have developed, for instance by means of copyright or patents. The aim is to prevent others from wrongly profiting from their creations or inventions.  IPR aims to provide exclusive rights to the inventors/creators/developers/designers or authors of that property, to reap commercial benefits from their creation. There are several types of intellectual property protection like patent, copyright, trademark, etc.

How We May Assist You

The Intellectual Property team at India Law Offices is a dedicated and well experienced team of lawyers and litigants who have been providing assistance with IP Litigation to the clients efficiently since years. With any IP Infringement, our team has assisted clients in obtaining both Civil and Criminal remedies. When any right of the Intellectual Property Right owner is violated, then the aggrieved can either opt for a civil remedy, which usually includes filing a suit of infringement or passing off before the concerned court of competent jurisdiction. Our IP Litigation team has efficiently assisted clients including domestic and international companies with successfully obtaining John Doe Orders. With respect to the criminal remedies, the right of an IP owner are protected under the Trademark Act 1999 and the Copyright Act 1957.

Civil and Criminal Raids

The IP Team at India Law Offices LLP has efficiently conducted Civil and Criminal Raids at defaulters’ factories, warehouses, manufacturing units etc along with the Local Commissioner as appointed to raid and seize the counterfeit goods and articles. Such raids have been quite successful in obtaining John Doe orders. Criminal raids on the other hand are conducted with the help of police upon receipt of a complaint by the IP owner.

Our clientele ranges from Multi-national companies to MSMEs, NGOs, individuals and entrepreneurs. We assist with full life cycle from acquiring, exploiting and protecting the intellectual property to its commercial use and handling of infringement and other challenging issues. We have a trusted network of advisors in other countries which help us to provide assistance with IP Laws, anywhere in the world.

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