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HR compliance is the process of building policies and procedures that ensures that an organization follows up-to-date labor and employment laws/regulations. HR compliance is a necessary and crucial step that must be taken for its two-fold benefits i.e keeping your business legitimate and the employees secure. Our dedicated lawyers having expertise in Employment Laws make sure that the Human Resources Compliance is obeyed and acted in accordance with, by our clients/business units as per the state laws and regulations to mitigate the company’s legal risk, which also helps in avoiding possible liabilities, fines, and scandals damaging the business’s reputation.

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Our team of expert lawyers have assisted various clients/business units/organizations/firms in drafting and implementation of various policies for the smooth functioning of their business. HR policy is one of the vital policies which must be drafted meticulously keeping in mind the functioning and needs of the organization. Our lawyers have helped various organizations in establishing the correct procedures and ensuring compliance i.e-

  • Statutory compliance:All organizations/business units/firms etc, must abide by certain rules, laws, and government legislation regarding the business, workplace and its employees, irrespective of the size and line of business. Statutory compliance therefore includes implementing and adhering to such regulations which are mandatory to be complied with legally, including minimum wage, working age requirements, anti-discrimination, etc. Our team has efficiently assisted various organizations with the said pre-defined statutory compliance and ensured hassle free running of the business.
  • Regulatory compliance:Regulatory compliance is vital to an organization as it is something that a company must follow being the rules of a specific regulatory body under which your organization is working or carrying its business. Our lawyers have identified the organization specific regulations and ensured that they are complied with by our clients.
  • Contractual compliance: Contractual compliance is known as the compliance with the terms that an organization is bound by. Our lawyers have assisted big corporate houses in Contractual compliance by ensuring that each party to the contract meets their obligations and performance standards, so the agreement is conducted and concluded in an appropriate, legitimate manner.

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