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Over the last two decades, the government of India has significantly liberalized its economic policies, which transformed India into the most favored nation for global investment. The globalization of trade has brought the advantage of greater and more effective utilization of resources around the world.

However, the increasing economic activities between nations, gave rise to a new and complex issue i.e., Transfer Pricing. The regulation has been introduced to restrict inter–group companies from shifting their profit from high-tax rate nations to low-tax rate nations.

Transfer pricing therefore refers to the rules and methods for pricing transactions within and between enterprises under common ownership or control.

Our Taxation team at India Law Offices regularly advises multinational companies in the following arena-

  1. Transfer Pricing Documentation
  2. Transfer Pricing Compliances
  3. Transfer Pricing advisory
  4. Value Chain Planning
  5. Advance Pricing Agreement, Mutual Agreement Procedure, and Safe Harbours

Our professionals have significant experience in transfer pricing matters and help businesses in developing and implementing transfer pricing strategies and policies as well as in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation. 

The Taxation team has extensive experience in strategic tax solutions in areas such as inbound & outbound strategy, repatriation & exit strategy & domestic or group restructuring, and tax treaties advisory.

Our Taxation lawyers and chartered accountants have in depth detailed experience in Transfer Pricing Compliances and advisory to multiple foreign companies mainly in Italy, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Australia and many other.

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