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What is corporate matching program


CMP is a unique and exclusive program which is spread over 27 countries worldwide bringing Companies together searching for:
  • Investors
  • Joint Venture partners
  • Low Cost Debt lenders
  • Licensing Opportunities
  • Companies to Acquire & hold controlling stock
  • Finding partner & distributors to sell their products overseas
  • Outsourcing manufacturing to low cost & labor rich destinations
  • Research Collaboration & Joint product developments
  • Commercialization of Patents / Technology

The uniqueness of CMP lies in its reliability and true opportunities. Unlike other channels, all the projects listed with CMP come in through Law firms, Accounting firms, Commercial & Investment banks, Management Consultants etc. All companies & projects shared are recommended by licensed professionals and all information available has been verified to be genuine & legitimate.
Who can join CMP?
  • Companies & Advisors of Companies that wish to expand overseas
  • Investors that wish to acquire or invest in foreign businesses
  • Businesses that wish to appoint distributors & partner
  • Business & Advisors of Companies that are looking for JV partners
  • Inventors / Patent holders who wish to commercialize
  • Businesses looking at finding equity investors / international lenders
  • Chamber of Commerce – helping their members expand
  • Investment Funds looking at making overseas investments
  • MNC Banks that wish to lend overseas
  • Companies that wish to outsource manufacturing 
How you can use the CMP to your advantage?
In case you are looking outwards to the international markets of EU, North & South America, China, Japan, ASEAN, Australasia, Africa – you should look at CMP
CMP & Start Ups
Start Ups are unique in the eco-system of all economies. CMP gives early-stage and start-up companies access to a high level of the capital pool, resources, domestic and international market access, collaboration and joint venture with an international company. CMP helps Startups connect with:
  • Potential Investors
  • Finding Partners who can collaborate to achieve the objectives and create value
  • Helping Startups raise grants & locate in technology clusters
  • Helping Startups relocate to other countries where the eco-system supports their technology better than their home country
  • Large business houses who can align with them for mutual growth
Non Profit CMP
CMP is special because this program tries to help micro & single person business in surviving business crisis. This is most relevant given the Covid19 crisis that the entire world is encountering.
  • Help a Business: Business & generous investors can help their less fortunate colleagues through CMP Help option where such businesses can receive help by means of friendly & patient capital. Such help comes from affluent companies with the dignity of a capital investment that could help the business come out of any distress situation & save employment for thousands of people at risk if such a business stops operations.
  • Donate directly to a small business: For many third world countries business can be started with donations as small as US$ 1,000. This helps generate income & livelihood for an entire family sometimes comprising of 10 members. Such donations can be part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the Corporates. Each such recipient is a verified individual creating immense opportunity of raising people above the poverty line with dignity. 
CMP has been instrumental in bringing some unique business collaborations between businesses from different countries. To know more, please reach out to us over email on or visit