Change of name in Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is one of the most important documents that a person needs to process to prove or give a proof of his age, citizenship and identity. It is required in the process of obtaining licenses, passport etc.

Many a times a person needs to make certain corrections or changes in the Birth certificate. The process of making such changes and corrections varies from state to state but at a broader it is similar for all the states. The guidelines for making such changes are:

  1. Changing the name of a child below one year: The process may slightly differ from country to country but broadly in order to bring such change one can take the original birth certificate to the record office in the city or country where the child was born and fill out a new form to make this change.
  2. Change of name for older child or adults: The process for changing the name in case of adults is as follows:
    • First, the person who needs to change his name has to go to a Notary Public and get an affidavit made regarding change of name. The reason for the need to change the name has to be specifically mentioned. The affidavit can be used to change the first, last or the complete name.
    • In case the individual is working with Central Government, they may submit deed for change of mane in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Home affairs. An intimation of the same has to be given to the head of the department where the individual is working.
    • In case of an Indian living abroad, he/she will submit deed duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy/Indian High Commission, in original to this Department.
    • NRI applicants seeking to change first name or surname or both, are required to place advertisements to that effect in a prominent newspaper of the place of residence in the country they live in and also in a leading daily newspaper of area of permanent address in India. Original clippings of these advertisements along with a sworn affidavit in the prescribed format are required to be furnished with the application.
    • Then the person needs to get it published in two local leading newspapers. The advertisement should mention that one is changing his/her name, include old and new name, mention father’s / husband’s name and address. One must keep a copy of the original advertisement as it appears in the newspaper when it is published. It may be prudent to keep a few original copies.
    • The last step is to get your Change of Name published in the Gazette of India.

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