Supreme Court extends 3% reservation for disabled persons

According to the annual global CEO survey released by the consultancy firm PwC India is one of the five most promising markets for business globally. India is ranked among the top 5 countries which offer the best opportunities for both domestic as well as global companies. The other markets featuring in the top 5 are USA, China, Germany and the UK.

The survey was conducted on the sample size of 1409 CEOs across 83 countries. The survey concludes that India has continued to do well under the ‘Pro-business’ government. It further mentions that the confidence level among the Indian CEOs remains higher than the global average and 64% of the CEOs stand out as more optimistic. Though the Indian CEOs have shown major concern on the inadequate infrastructure in India and need for regulatory reforms that could boost business environment further. The survey states that the CEOs in India have given the strong indication of general upliftment by showing the confidence in generating the revenue for their companies. Apart from the growth in the global market, the biggest concern in the private sector is the cyber security, the terror attacks, the inequality of the income which needs to be efficiently managed so that there could be remarkable growth in the economy of the nation.