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Making a plan for future can be intimidating at times. But having a legally valid will prepared can provide you peace of mind and also can help in removing additional stress and expense for your family, should the unexpected happen. Lawyers at India Law Offices LLP have expertise to lay out all the options available for you in case of making a will or managing probate. Our lawyers advise our clients on the best way to settle estate affairs in a timely, practical and cost effective manner. We assist individuals who want to make a will as well as the executors of a deceased’s estate while dealing with a particular tax or asset related issue.

ILO often advises clients on both sides in situations where inheritance is disputed. We assist people who want to make inheritance claim at the same time we are skilled in successfully representing executors or beneficiaries in relation to a claim filed against them. Death is an eventuality and proper inheritance tax planning is important to make sure the assets are left with the beneficiaries as per the wishes of the deceased. ILO provides a tailored advice to clients on estate planning including preparation of will and trusts.

We leverage our global network and cultural knowledge of our attorneys to advice in cases where assets or liabilities are across multiple jurisdiction ensuring minimum difficulties in the process. Many times clients reside in one country but have substantial assets in other country. Our lawyers can advise on the legal implications that occur from cross-border probate and wills. We also liaise with foreign advisors and government officials to smoothly resolve complex legal and tax issues. Scope of our practice includes:

  • Assisting and advising in drafting the Wills as per the statutory provisions of the applicable laws.
  • Applying for Succession Certificate and/or Letters of Administration at High Court.
  • Cases relating to the division of the property bequeathed by the parents/grandparents
  • Obtaining the Succession Certificate
  • Handling the disputes related to Will or estate where the owner has died without succession planning
  • Partition of the Property among legal heirs
  • Cases relating to the Daughter’s Rights in the Inherited Property
  • Advising the clients regarding distribution of the property among the legal heirs in accordance with the law
  • Handling the disputes related to Will or estate where the owner has died without succession planning

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