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The marriage registration certificate is an official document which certifies that two people are married in India. Marriages can be registered under the relevant statutes. In 2006, it was made compulsory to register marriages to secure the rights of the spouses. A marriage registration certificate is required when applying for a passport or opening a new bank account with a new surname following a marriage. Solemnization refers to the performance of a formal marriage ceremony; it is a sacred ceremony performed according to religious rituals and personal laws.

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We, at India Law Offices LLP, have an experienced set of marriage and family lawyers who can help with marriage registration and solemnization matters. Our lawyers will help you with your application for marriage registration by filing under the correct statute and ensuring that the correct procedure of law is followed. Our lawyers can help pre-decide the distribution of assets between the interest couples and any legal obligations and documentation that needs to be formed for the same. Our lawyers are also well versed with the procedure and rules involved in a court marriage. Our lawyers can guide you on the documents needed for your marriage registration and the statute under which your marriage is best registered. We also have experience in providing legal guidance to cross-border marriages, i.e. marriages between two individuals of different nationality. Our experts can guide you towards the sub-registrar’s office and help determine the jurisdiction where your marriage must ideally be registered and the procedure for the same. For initiating the solemnization process, a notice of intended marriage must be filed. Our lawyers can help in filing the same with the correct procedures and in the prescribed form. This notice is then provided to the marriage officer of the district in which one of the parties to the marriage has been residing for not less than 30 days preceding the submission of notice. Our lawyers take care of the registration process and can ensure the delivery of the marriage certificate without any hassle.

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